May I introduce myself

I am Margit Drescher and work as an art director, visual artist, and photographer. I am based in Germany and available worldwide – also long-term.



On this site, I showcase my works around creative art direction.



I define myself as an image conceptionist: I form the idea of an image and turn this idea into reality. Depending on the objectives, the topic as well as time and budget, I develop a suitable concept and implement it with all necessary steps and responsibilities.


My project aim is an all-encompassing campaign, a Gesamtkunstwerk in which every (image) element has an effect on the desired goal.


The most successful and sustainable concepts I achieved through heuristic research. This method works with an extensive research period at the start and later allows me to work and reason every decision intuitively and therefore quickly and unequivocally. As this method encompasses every element of a project and takes them into consideration from different angles, it is especially suitable for large and more demanding projects and leads to an individual and unique outcome.


Additionally, I prioritize thorough planning, open communication, well-crafted presentations and briefings as these are crucial to a successful project.



In my projects, I draw on my wide-ranging education and professional experience. I studied and completed Communication Design (BA Hons) in Germany and Ireland, with a focus on conceptual and artistic practice. Later, I earned my Master of Photography (MA) degree in Australia, where I worked on projects that connected Fine Art Photography and Fashion Photography.


My professional experience spans more than a decade. Most of that time as Art Director and Creative Director in the design department of the BMW Group in Munich, Germany, but also in a creative agency in Melbourne, Australia, and working independently.