What I do

I am a photo concepter – I transform the thought of an image into reality.

In order to achieve this, I follow an all-embracing approach: based on the subject as well as the desired goal, I develop the appropriate concept and style, mood and lighting, context and location. Then I select suitable professionals like photographer or CGI-agency. Later, on-site, I make decisions in dialogue with the photographer on questions that arise during the photo shoot as well as during post-production. For best results, in-depth research, a well-thought-through and elaborate concept and as well as thorough subsequent planning are crucial. I mastered this approach over the course of nine years during my professional work as Art Director and Creative Director with the design department of the BMW Group in Munich, Germany. With the utmost respect for the customer’s content, I work best with the freedom to be bold to try new things, creating images that are effective and never boring.

Who I am

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to work in a creative field. Finally, I chose communication design, as this profession is the most interdisciplinary and diversified. I am intrigued by everything that has to do with design, and during my studies in Germany and Ireland, I used every opportunity to delve into many areas of communication design, be it typography, editorial design or photography – just to name a few. Thanks to this I developed a broad foundation in design, of principles and work processes. After earning my diploma from the Munich University of Applied Sciences, this eased the way to my first job with BMW Group in Munich, Germany.

To this date, I am passionate about taking pictures – especially on my many trips to different places, countries and cultures. Also from early on I am sketching, drawing and painting which taught me a good part about the rules and principles that also contribute to a good picture. Yet every now and then I like to break those rules – intentionally – in order to create something new and exciting.